Our Journey

We are proud to announce our global food and beverage philosophy: Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served. – Hyatt’s industry-leading effort to provide food and beverages that are good for our people, our planet and our communities.

Our journey began seven years ago. We were at the start of a revolution in the food industry where thought-leaders were demanding healthier options, transparency and accountability.  Through self-education and in-depth research, we took a moment and examined how we were doing business and pushed to fully understand our guests’ preferences.  As we analyzed the insights from our research, anticipated the preferences of our guests, and considered the effects our food and beverage decisions have on the environment, we felt compelled to “do something” and “be better.” On a global scale we made a commitment to take Hyatt food and beverage in a new direction. 

As part of our guiding philosophy, we established three key pillars that will serve as guiding principles and measurement of our success: serving people, serving the community and serving the planet.  We are excited to say these pillars will be engrained in everything that we do in food and beverage globally.

In 2011, we implemented the first steps of this new approach by using cage-free eggs and Meyer’s all-natural beef. We made a commitment to Partnership for Healthier America, which will hold Hyatt accountable for continuously improving the nutritional profile of food menus at full-service managed Hyatt properties across the U.S. for the next 10 years. Chefs at Hyatt properties expressed their creativity with new-found local ingredients.  The hotels even went as far in some instances to organize farmers’ markets to support communities that may not have access to them.