Working as a Hyatt Family

Our commitment to caring for people starts first with our colleagues, because they are the heart of Hyatt. Our focus is on listening and cultivating an environment where our colleagues can be their true selves – one where their career development is supported, their uniqueness is celebrated, their voices are heard, and collaboration and innovation are encouraged. We refer to ourselves as “the Hyatt family,” because it really feels that way.


Promoting Holistic Wellbeing

In our intensive, 24/7 business, it’s vital that we care for our colleagues’ whole selves – in mind, body, and spirit. Caring for our colleagues’ minds means providing tools for staying present and supporting continual learning, including tuition reimbursement and travel perks. Caring for our colleagues’ bodies means supporting their energy and health, including exercise options, spaces to relax, and low-cost or free healthy snacks and meals in cafeterias. And caring for our colleagues’ spirit means allowing them to nurture relationships and connect with their communities through flexible work arrangements, networking opportunities, volunteerism, and other channels. Our Colleague Wellbeing Council helps evaluate and shape how we can continue to energize colleagues through feedback collected from our Colleague Wellbeing Discovery Work.


Supporting Safety and Mutual Respect for All

It’s absolutely critical that our colleagues feel safe at work – both in performing their jobs and in speaking up. We strive to promote healthy and safe work environments through efforts like training on proper security and safety practices, colleague feedback, colleague recognition programs, and more. Our workplace is built on the principle of all of us respecting one another, and there’s no place for harassment of any kind at Hyatt, by colleagues, guests, or vendors. We have strict protocols to assist and protect our colleagues, and we encourage colleagues to remove themselves immediately from uncomfortable situations and to report misconduct – either to human resources, security, and/or law enforcement, or through our anonymous telephone hotline and website. We also protect colleagues who bring such issues to our attention or participate in investigations.


Embracing Inclusion and Diversity in Every Way

With colleagues in more than 50 countries, we embrace all cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, perspectives, and ways of thinking. All colleagues bring something unique and special to the Hyatt family. Our culture is one that empowers every individual to be his or her best, and such authentic connection inspires the way we care for each other and for our guests. Learn more about Inclusion and Diversity at Hyatt.


Offering Leading Benefits

We offer colleagues competitive wages, health care, retirement savings, and performance-based incentives, while also offering industry-leading perks to eligible colleagues, including complimentary hotel stays. In the U.S., benefits include employer-paid short-term disability, coaches to help colleagues quit tobacco, free expert medical guidance for health conditions, advocacy services to assist colleagues with questions about their benefits, and easy, low-cost access to doctors for colleagues and their families.


Supporting Families

Hyatt understands that each person is unique, and thus allows for flexibility that works for different needs through scheduling options. Additionally, we are proud to have been among the first companies of our size in our industry to provide a Global Family Assistance Policy, providing primary caregivers or domestic partners with paid time off after childbirth or adoption, as well as financial assistance for adoption.

Helping People Reach Their Potential

Our competitive advantage comes from our people, and we are focused on attracting and keeping the best. Hyatt offers meaningful learning and development initiatives to help colleagues explore passions and reach their highest potential.

We believe that learning is a lifelong process, not just a series of courses to be completed. All colleagues receive regular performance feedback and access to learning and development programs and opportunities, including e-learning with a vast catalog of online, self-paced trainings. Alongside job training, we offer development opportunities such as rotational programs, coaching and mentorships, and support for relevant external training.

In our business, success in many roles relies on a person’s capacity for care rather than prerequisite skills. Hyatt is not only a place where careers can start, it’s a place where colleagues can make professional advancements through learning opportunities. We are proud to say that many Hyatt leaders grew their careers from entry-level roles with the company, and we support opportunities for our colleagues to move between functions and locations for professional and personal development.

In an industry with historically high turnover, we are honored to have more than 14,000 colleagues with 15+ years of service – proof of the positive impact of our efforts.

Learn about key highlights and recent milestones in our latest annual Corporate Responsibility Scorecard.