Striving for Broader Impact

We have the opportunity to drive change across our value chain – to help protect the environment, human rights, and animal welfare and to support inclusion and diversity.


Avendra contracts our food, beverage, and operating supplies for managed hotels in our largest market – North America. But many purchasing decisions happen at the hotel level. Our brand standards, guidance materials, and sourcing goals help us integrate consistent responsible sourcing principles across our hotels.


Shifting Toward A Circular Economy

The negative impact of waste, particularly from single-use plastics, ending up in our world's oceans and parks has been highlighted more than ever in recent years. As the global population and material consumption grow, we are outpacing the ability of renewable resources to regenerate. To combat this trend, shifting toward a "circular economy" is a focus area. A circular economy reduces strain on virgin materials and waste streams by reducing disposables, improving recycling and composting, and identifying product alternatives that better support recirculation. We are driving change in this direction through a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Phasing in in-shower dispensers for soap and other amenities at Hyatt Regency hotels in North America, all while maintaining efforts to increase the use of amenity bottles made with post-consumer recycled content, and donating used amenities when possible.
  • Introducing water stations that enable guests to use their refillable water bottles.
  • Offering straws only upon request and substituting with environmentally preferable options like paper.
  • Using to-go containers made of compostable or recycled materials.
  • Terminating the purchase of expanded polystyrene disposables.
  • Introducing mobile room entry solutions, which reduces the need for plastic key cards.
  • Offering earbuds at North America fitness centers that are recyclable rather than single-use.


Sourcing Our Food Thoughtfully

Our food and beverage philosophy, Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served. guides the way we design menus and purchase ingredients so that we can better serve our guests, our communities and our planet. We strive to offer healthy choices to our guests, work with local suppliers, incorporate animal welfare considerations, support options like organic or antibiotic-free, and identify options with a low environmental impact. Some of our hotels that have the appropriate space take this a step further with onsite herb or vegetable gardens and bee hives.


Hyatt was one of the first global hospitality companies to launch a holistic global sustainable seafood strategy and has been working with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since 2012. Learn more.


In 2018, we introduced the Beyond Burger™, a plant-based burger made without gluten, soy or GMOs, at participating Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Place hotels in the U.S. Additionally, some Hyatt properties in other countries are also featuring plant-forward options, including the Beyond Burger™, as a way to offer alternative sources of protien that also reduce impact on climate change and water scarcity.


Supporting Animal Welfare

We actively discuss animal welfare with our hotels and suppliers and demonstrate the demand for animals cared for in a humane way. We continue to monitor the supply for opportunities to set meaningful goals.


  • Hyatt has focused on encouraging hotels to source cage-free eggs for nearly a decade. We are committed to working with all managed and franchised hotels globally to source cage-free eggs. Hyatt’s goal is to source 100% cage-free shell and liquid eggs in key markets including the U.S., Canada, and Europe by 2022 and globally by the end of 2025. As of June 2020, 71% of the shell eggs and 77% of the egg products used in managed hotels in the U.S. are cage-free. Egg products include liquid eggs as well as processed options like pre-cooked eggs. This data reflects EggTrack Report’s updated definition with respect to egg categories, changes to Hyatt’s hotel portfolio, and the impact of COVID-19.
  • In the U.S. we encouraged one of our largest pork suppliers to convert several pig farms to group sow houses. As a result, participating hotels offer nitrate-free bacon and sausage procured from farms where sows are raised in group houses. Additionally, we identify opportunities with them to purchase pork from crate-free farms when possible.
  • We work with suppliers in the U.S. that support the GAP (Global Animal Partnership) principles for boiler chickens and are working to meet their standards.
  • We guide our managed and franchised hotels to source down and feather products that align with the Responsible Down Certification standards.


Building Smarter, Greener Hotels

Our Global Technical Standards recommend that when possible our hotel owners and developers purchase sustainable materials during hotel development and renovations, such as:

  • Wood products with Forest Stewardship Council certification
  • Paints and coatings certified to Green Seal standards
  • Appliances that are Energy Star rated


Understanding Our Supply Chain

We collaborated with Avendra, WWF and peer companies on a supply chain risk and opportunity assessment to prioritize efforts within our diverse and fragmented supply chain. The findings are helping shape further sustainability advancements, especially in agricultural crops, seafood, animal proteins, and plastic and paper products.


Collaborating with Suppliers

We want our suppliers to know and share our corporate responsibility principles. Our Supplier Code of Conduct  outlines our minimum expectations for compliance, human rights and labor, health and safety, the environment, and ethics. Where possible, we request environmental policies from suppliers to signal the importance of environmental action to other businesses. Nearly 100% of Hyatt's Avendra suppliers and distributors have sustainability policies in place. We also work with businesses that actively provide sustainable alternatives and information to us.


Building Inclusivity

We have an opportunity and a responsibility to ensure our supply chain reflects our own internal commitment to inclusion and diversity. Our supplier diversity program focuses on building relationships with businesses owned by minorities, women, military and disabled veterans, and LGBT persons. Learn more.


Learn about key highlights and recent milestones in our latest annual Corporate Responsibility Scorecard.