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Relationship with Hotel(s): Over the last six years, Alila Seminyak and Studios at Alila Seminyak have been working with Bali Children Foundation (BCF) to increase opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the region. Both properties have supported BCF with in-kind donations for fundraisers, along with the creation of the “Bali Coins” and “Gift to Educate” programs. A portion of sales at the properties from these programs were donated to BCF Foundation. Additionally, the “Food for Thought” trainee program brought disadvantaged youth to Alila Seminyak for hospitality industry training. One youth was hired on as a full-time team member and another as a contractor (with the possibility to be hired full-time) after the training ended.


In July 2021, Hyatt Indonesia chose Bali Children Foundation as one of their non-profit organizations to partner with to achieve Hyatt’s RiseHY goal of hiring 10,000 Opportunity Youth by 2025.

NGO mission: Improve the education standards for children living in disadvantaged regions of Bali and nearby islands so that they can achieve better incomes for themselves, their families and broader communities.

Grant purpose:
Since 2002 the Bali Children Foundation has focused on poverty alleviation for disadvantaged Balinese communities through its “Education to Employment” model.

This work includes English language and STEM programs in Bali's schools, covering around 9,450 children and 884 scholarships for the most disadvantaged students.

BCF aims to keep under-resourced youth in school until year twelve, providing skills that enhance their chances of employment. Bali’s tourism industry accounted for 80% of Bali’s economy pre-COVID 19 and employment requires tertiary training of one year or more. Therefore, a key part of BCF’s education offering includes tertiary hospitality scholarships and internships which set students up for career success and an economically rewarding life for themselves and their families.


Working with disadvantaged and remote communities, the Hyatt Community Grant supports 12 tertiary education scholarships in hospitality (including internships at Bali’s top hotels) for under-resourced youth.


These scholarships cover college school fees, living expenses, and transport costs. Prior to accepting the scholarship students undertake an eight week BCF College Ready course which ensures students understand the terms and expectations of their scholarships while working intensively on their English and personal presentation skills.


Most importantly, this training and the scholarship offers under-resourced youth a pathway to a great career and an economically stable life.

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