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Relationship with Hotel(s): Although Grand Hyatt Amman and Education for Employment Jordan are at the beginning of their partnership, they are already engaging to host a “Future Hotelier Day.” At the event Grand Hyatt Amman will give EFE-Jordan students the opportunity to shadow colleagues from different departments to get introduced to the hotel, learn hotel basics, and meet hotel professionals.

NGO mission: EFE-Jordan’s mission is to create economic opportunity for unemployed youth in Jordan.

Grant purpose:
EFE-Jordan partners with local businesses to identify market needs and design targeted professional, technical, and vocational training programs for unemployed youth that lead directly to employment or micro-entrepreneurship opportunities. They believe that an enhancement of youth’s economic situation will trigger a ripple effect in which young individuals become agents of change, thereby having positive socio-economic impacts not only on themselves and their families, but also on their societies.


EFE-Jordan will use the Hyatt Community Grant to provide 15 young Jordanian beneficiaries with access to income-generating opportunities in the hospitality sector through market-driven technical and soft skills training.


EFE-Jordan will deliver training in line with the new, post-COVID-19, market demands and ensure focus on upskilling high-potential youth to become successful employees in the tourism and hospitality sectors. The goal of the training will be to enable the youth to find jobs within the hospitality industry and to support their career growth potential in line with current market needs and realities.

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