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Beyond Social Services

Relationship with Hotel(s): Grand Hyatt Singapore has been working closely with Beyond Social Services for the last two years to support the organization with its fundraising activities.

NGO mission: Beyond Social Services is a charity with a mission to help children and youth from less privileged backgrounds break away from the poverty cycle.

Grant purpose:
Beyond Social Services’ main program is Youth United, which adopts a community building approach that organizes resources, routines, relationships, and rituals around young people residing in low-income neighborhoods to curb harmful behaviors.

Marginalized youth are more likely to turn to negative peer influences and feel frustrated about their position in society. To redress marginalization, the Youth United program fosters greater social integration, inclusion and cohesion in families, neighborhoods and wider society. Social integration is not just about adjusting people to society, but rather ensuring that society is accepting of all people. Hence, Beyond Social Services’ vision is to create neighborhoods where every individual, including children and youth, have an active role to play, and can cooperate with and support each other.


The Hyatt Community Grant will be used by Beyond Social Services to support the work of their Youth United program in reducing youth marginalization, integrating communities, and helping disadvantage youth and communities thrive.

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