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Les Déterminés

Relationship with Hotel(s): Hyatt Properties of France identified Les Déterminés as their primary national RiseHY partner in 2019 when the initiative was launched in France. Since launching, LD has helped Hyatt France source and train over 40 Opportunity Youth. Hyatt has gone on to provide additional vocational training to roughly 30 Opportunity Youth and successfully hire 16.


NGO mission: Les Déterminés’ purpose is to help develop both an initiative and entrepreneurial spirit in underserved and isolated territories in France.

Grant purpose:
Since its initial launch, Les Déterminés educational program has evolved and been enriched, but still has the same stated ambition: to accelerate the entrepreneurs’ success! Their strategy relies on 3 key pillars: to free the creativity, to develop a network and to increase the ability to identify and seize opportunities.


Participants are actively supported to become both an entrepreneur and a value creator, whether they seek to develop their own business, become an “intrapreneur” in an existing structure, or to develop their employability.


Continuing the success of a 2019 and 2020 partnership, the Hyatt Community Grant will be used by LD to sustain their work training Opportunity Youth to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality skills.  LD will carefully source and select the participants from underserved and isolated territories in France. Funds will enable LD to work with local partners to select and recruit participants, provide extensive coaching, mentoring, and training leading to the hiring process of 20 Opportunity Youth in hotels in France. LD is responsible for coaching participants to develop their entrepreneurial, initiative and team spirit while helping them develop core competencies including French, English, and computer literacy. This skills training sets the participants up for a successful professional training, which is led by Hyatt colleagues with ongoing support from LD.

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