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Creative Education Center

Relationship with Hotel(s): Hyatt Regency Belgrade has partnered with Creative Education Center (KEC) for the past four years. The partnership has included in-kind donation drives, hiring KEC members, and Hyatt staff volunteering at KEC and hosting culinary workshops.

NGO mission: KEC’s mission is to create and offer innovative services and programs for people with intellectual disabilities so they may live fulfilling independent lives within their homes and communities. 

Grant purpose:
 All of KEC’s programs strive to create partnerships with the immediate and wider community to help each beneficiary realize their own potential, talents and skills. People with developmental disabilities have the same needs to realize their basic human and civil rights to employment and to express themselves using their knowledge, talents, strength, and abilities for the good of society. Through work, each individual contributes to the advancement of society and achieves equality with the other members of the community.


The Hyatt Community Grant will help KEC create job training programs for people with intellectual disabilities, which will lead to work placement and employment for the participants of the trainings. KEC will first provide preparatory activities such as occupational training, socialization, and communication skills to their members. They will then work closely with local businesses to identify employment opportunities for their members and provide the necessary support for both the participating companies and members to ensure successful placement.


The program aims to train 80 individuals and will improve the level of social inclusion for people with intellectual and mental disabilities (PIMD) through work engagement and employment, educating specialists to prepare PIMD for employment, and defending PIMD’s human rights to work.

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