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Visión Mundial de México (World Vision Mexico)

Relationship with Hotel(s): Hyatt Regency Mexico City has worked with Visión Mundial de México for over five years. In that time, they have sponsored 37 youth trainees, hired 29, and invested 40,320 training hours.

NGO mission: Visión Mundial de México’s vision is to work with the most vulnerable people to promote their human transformation and seek social justice.

Grant purpose:
The crisis unleashed by the COVID-19 outbreak has had adverse effects on the economy, employment, and well-being of families. The closure of economic and educational activities has caused thousands of young people in Mexico to lose the possibility of accessing a job, training, continued education, or entrepreneurship. As a result, Visión Mundial de México will use the Hyatt Community Grant to train youth virtual through the Virtual Human Training Workshop project.

The training will be made up of 22 training sessions, totaling 44 hours of learning. Participants will develop a series of competencies that will allow them to identify or develop strategies for problem solving, conflict resolution, and goal setting. Additionally, there will be opportunities for professional training integrated into the program with strategic allies, such as Hyatt, participating as trainers in specific career skills. At the end of the program, the 100 youth being helped by the Hyatt Community Grant will be supported through the employment process.

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