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Relationship with Hotel(s): Hyatt Regency Toronto and Hospitality Workers Resource Centre have been working together for five years. The partnership has included Hyatt Regency Toronto representation on HWRC’s board, speaking at graduations, providing internships for students, and sharing HWRC’s training with staff during COVID-19.

NGO mission: The mission of Hospitality Workers Resource Centre is to support the growth and sustainability of a strong and vibrant hospitality industry.

Grant purpose:
Prior to COVID-19, Hospitality Workers Resource Centre provided hands-on training and wraparound supports to vulnerable individuals unemployed or looking to advance their careers across Toronto’s hospitality sector. Since 2004, they have worked alongside community and employer partners to serve over 10,000 individuals facing barriers to success. Over 75% of graduates successfully moved on to employment, and over 70% remained employed at the one-year mark. In response to the impact of the pandemic on Ontario’s hospitality industry, the organization has adapted their services to quickly respond to the needs of low-income and vulnerable hospitality workers experiencing job loss, decreased hours, income loss and/or life destabilization.

As HWRC has worked to hone its programs and services to meet the emerging needs of impacted workers and employers, they have identified a need and an opportunity to provide further outreach and personalized interventions to support the needs of vulnerable youth job seekers. The Hyatt Community Grant will position 50-60 youth job seekers to develop the in-demand skills sought by employers who are experiencing workforce shortages in the hospitality and food and beverage sectors. To reach and serve these job seekers through tailored programming, the organization will launch a youth-focused outreach and engagement strategy. This entails conducting assessments and creating personalized service plans for each program participant, while equipping them with the skills, training, and development support that they need. HWRC will also work with employers to connect, hire, and retain program graduates.

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