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Fundación del Empresariado Tabasqueño

Relationship with Hotel(s): Hyatt Regency Villahermosa has been supporting Fundación del Empresariado Tabasqueño since 2020. The property has hosted tours for FETAC students and organized guests and colleagues to donate school materials.

NGO mission: The Fundación del Empresariado Tabasqueño’s mission is to create, promote and coordinate social actions to improve the quality of life of Tabasco, Mexico.

Grant purpose:
FETAC has been committed to increasing the social development of the communities in Tabasco since its beginning in 2017. Through collaboration with local networks, FETAC has identified a need for skills development training for youth in the region. The trainings will focus on skills that will enhance each youth participant’s educational and professional development, such as conflict resolution, communication, writing, and customer service. By developing these skills, FETAC will help young people from vulnerable communities to enter and/or graduate from higher education and thus, enhance their professional development.


The Hyatt Community Grant will provide training for 20 youth in the Tabasco region.

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