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Empowering young people of underprivileged backgrounds

BN Vocational School is China's first tuition-free, nonprofit charitable vocational school at the senior secondary level. It aims to empower young people with underprivileged backgrounds to realize better futures. In providing them with a quality and relevant vocation, we help students become economically independent through gainful employment and enabled them to integrate into and successfully contribute to society. With our program, education is more than acquiring technical skills, at BN Vocational Sanya, students learn life and social skills, and ethics to help them succeed and integrate into society. 


BN Vocational School Sanya has been working with Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay for more than six years. Hyatt colleagues rebuilt the school library and organized book and computer donations. This alliance has joined their adults’ ceremony and their Chinese literature reading party. Hyatt has invited students to the hotel to experience what luxury-styled hospitality is and teach students about management skills and social skills.  All efforts help us build a long-lasting and deep connection.


We will use the grant to organize an English learning project. This project will be divided into three parts. The first part is Language Learning System @ Learning Room.  The grant will also be used to purchase necessary books, dictionaries and other related materials. Professional English teachers will be hired too. We’ll setup a new leaning room for the program and organize talks, a seminar, and a hotel English corner. The grant will help students step out of the traditional classroom setting and engage in both a summer and winter camp. Finally, all students will be educated in social responsibility. We hope that each of our students will learn how to love and how to receive loved in return.


With the new English learning program, we believe it will prepare students for their full-year internships at international hotels. We also hope to bring some of the students into Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort. 


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Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort | Sanya BN Vocational School