Opportunity Youth, individuals ages 16–24 who are neither in school nor working full time, are often screened out by the standard job application process and have an unemployment rate of 12% — nearly triple the national average. 


Community-based organizations that work with Hyatt hotels will use Core Score and pymetrics platform to pair thousands of employment opportunities with Opportunity Youth. These jobs will improve the economic futures of these youths while building stronger, more inclusive workforces for both companies.


Below are free resources for our community-based organizations that will help their young people be ready for the workforce.


Signups and each assessment itself shouldn’t take any more than 20-35 minutes to complete.



Core Score

Core Score is an innovative portfolio of cross sector assessments that measure core competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors) for entry- and mid-skill workers and jobs.


Developed by Innovate+Educate (I+E), a national nonprofit whose mission is to create multiple pathways to employment using their Assess / Hire / Train / Advance Framework. Core Score is the first assessment that predicts both job competencies as well as top performance. The assessment is used to analyze skills, and match candidates to appropriate training needs and promotion opportunities.


Core Score Training Module

Core Score Training Deck »

Hyatt Core Score CBO One-Pager »

Assessment Link » (*Reminder* to be completed in one session)

Core Score Contact: Tiffany Delgado at tiffany@innovate-educate.org


Learn Skills Academy

This platform was developed by Innovate+Educate (I+E), a national nonprofit whose mission is to create multiple pathways to employment through skills development, assessment, and promotion. This site was developed to be a companion to Core Score, a core skills assessment,  is used to analyze skills and match candidates to appropriate training.  This site provides free curriculum to all to skill up and can be accessed at https://learnskillsacademy.org/.


pymetrics: (www.pymetrics.com)

About pymetrics: Founded by Harvard/MIT-trained PhDs, pymetrics uses neuroscience data and AI to help global clients like Unilever, Accenture and LinkedIn make their hiring and internal mobility more predictive and less biased. pymetrics replaces the resume as a first-pass filter by assessing candidates based on their true potential – their inherent cognitive and emotional make-up. Using algorithms that are trained on high-performing employees at a company, pymetrics builds a trait profile of a company’s top performers to select best fit talent. These algorithms are then audited to remove any gender or ethnic bias. pymetrics also serves as a common application for candidates, ensuring that everyone finds their best-fit job, regardless of where they apply. pymetrics is powering the future of hiring: efficient, predictive, and bias-free. (www.pymetrics.com)


pymetrics Training Module


pymetrics assessment Link »

anyone who needs access to reach out to Leigh Isaacs directly

pymetrics contact: Leigh Isaacs at leigh@pymetrics.com

Candidate/OY issues contact: support@pymetrics.com



VR Experience for Opportunity Youth:

We invite your candidates to explore and experience what life is like working inside a hotel, types of roles that exist within hospitality and learn about Hyatt’s culture.  Please note that this link should only be accessed by candidates, any non-youth can view the public version of the VR experience here


To access the VR experience, we've included both the Apple and Android links to your app below.

1. Load the experience in an Apple or Android device browser via one of the tour links provided (pl=v or pl=w).  

NOTE: CBO partners must load the pl=v version since that is the specific link to track Opportunity Youth’s engagement. 

2. Once link is loaded into the browser, select the “Install” or “Download App” button to download the YouVisit app. 

3. Once downloaded, access tour again through browser mode on Apple or Android device, select "download app" and go directly into your Hyatt app. 


Questions or problems downloading or accessing the Hyatt VR Experience in the YouVisit App, please contact Allison Jadevero at AJadevero@eab.com


Youth version of VR Experience: http://youvisit.com/hyatt?pl=v