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At Hyatt, we believe wellness is a road, and wellbeing is the destination. This road is filled with personal routines and rituals that contribute to our overall happiness on any given day. Yet this road is not a straight line. How we eat, sleep, move, think, feel, and connect to family, friends, colleagues, and community, help shape this road—and we believe that travel should not get in the way of that.


At the same time, life happens. Things, both within and beyond our control, can cause detours along the way in the form of work, relationships, family, the weather, politics, etc. Sure, wellbeing may be the destination, but with all these detours, we know it can be difficult to find the way. We can relate and we empathize. We see ourselves as caretakers of your wellbeing, here to help you find that destination, and stay there for as long as possible.


Our holistic approach is focused on our three landmarks of wellbeing: FEEL (how you feel; your emotional + mental wellbeing), FUEL (how you fuel + power your body, inclusive of things like food and sleep), and FUNCTION (how you move + function in work, life, and play).


Wellbeing is the ultimate realization of our purpose — we care for people so they can be their best. For this reason, we are building on our initial investments and expanding our offerings. Examples of this are our acquisition of Miraval — adding to our already robust and growing portfolio of Hyatt Spas around the world, and our alliance with Exhale via the World of Hyatt loyalty program, meaning World of Hyatt members can earn and redeem points for in-studio fitness classes and spa therapies at participating Exhale locations. Plus, our FIND experiences platform from World of Hyatt, a collection of unique experiences curated for members to encourage discovery and positively impact their wellbeing, while earning or using their points.



Our wellbeing efforts have been in place for quite some time and extend across all areas our business. For example, our Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served. philosophy supports our Fuel Landmark, while supporting our communities through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts helps to bring our Feel Landmark to life. These are just two examples of programs designed to positively impact the wellbeing of our colleagues, customers and guests, as well as the communities within which we operate around the world.


We expect our offerings to continue to grow as we place the wellbeing of our colleagues, customers, owners and guests at the heart of our business. Our intention, as a purpose-driven company, is to be the hospitality company that cares most for your wellbeing in the world.


Introducing a new relationship with Headspace – a guide to a healthier, happier mind, offering curated meditation on the World of Hyatt app.